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Massage Therapy

After many years of working at a desk, stress, a couple of car accidents and sports injuries, my neck and upper back were in constant pain. I started getting regular massages, then in massage school my awareness that receiving multiple treatments was the key to my healing. Regular maintenance helped eliminate my pain when there was a flare-up.

In 1994 I trained in Swedish Massage at the American Institute of Massage Therapy in Fort Lauderdale, FL. During my education I invested in receiving many different types of massage like deep tissue massage, neuromuscular treatments and Rolfing sessions from advanced professionals. This enhanced my learning experience and confidence. I incorporate what I learned and experienced into my massage practice, tailoring each session to my client's specific needs.

When getting a massage for the first time, I recommend Swedish massage as an introduction to bodywork-it addresses your muscle pain and provides relaxation and stress reduction. During your first massage you will be educated on what to expect from undressing, draping so only the body part being worked on is uncovered and what kind of pressure is suitable for you. I will communicate with you what to expect during your session.

It is important to continue your therapy and develop a regular schedule with your massage therapist, as she is familiar with your specific issues. I recommend getting three sessions in order to achieve noticeable relief, and then a massage one to two times per month to maintain your goals.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) I am required to renew my license every year and being nationally certified (NCBTMB) I maintain my skills through continuing education classes. This keeps my skills current and regularly educates me so I offer my clients the best techniques to meet their specific needs.